Step 2: Floral Bouquet Keepsake READ DESCRIPTION

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Please only purchase this AFTER you have completed "Step 1: Floral Bouquet Keepsake", or unless otherwise communicated. You will be refunded if Step 1 is not purchased/completed. Total would be $350 (not including tax and shipping). 

Also note that turnaround time may be longer due to the fact that I cannot start this order until your personal bouquet is received in the mail. 

Product Description & Dimensions: Preserve your bouquet or flower arrangement in a beautiful, clear resin display. Dimensions are 8x8in square and 3in deep/thickness. 

Disclaimer: There are no refunds once this process has started. There is no guarantee that all of your flowers will dry completely intact. All flowers will lose color- and white flowers will begin to brown/turn tan. There are certain flowers that will be withstand the drying process. I will not use anything that will ruin the rest of your bouquet in resin.